EvoShield Catcher’s Gear Campaign

Evoshield is an innovative protective gear company thatmakes protective gear for players that is stylish yet functional. They differentiated themselves from other competitors with the creation of their Gel-To-Shell technology. This technology is a gel that hardens withinminutes to create a protective shell that is custom molded.

In the beginning, Evoshield primarily focused on elbow and leg guards. Now the gear is widely used among Football, Baseball, Fastpitch, and Lacrosse. They’ve developed a Catcher’s Gear system that is just as popular as their other products. The catcher’s gear includes a multiple-piece system of leg guards, chest protector, and helmet.

Photography By: Drew Meredith

Launch Assets

This campaign had to live across multiple areas like social media platforms and carry throughout emails and Evoshield.com. For the Evoshield website, there was a need for a homepage banner along with product-specific assets to direct to each equipment area.

The versatility of this campaign helps it work in different areas of the game. It can work for sport-specific assets like Baseball or Softball graphics, or product-specific like the leg guard system or chest guard.


Social Teaser Assets

The EvoShield Catcher’s Gear has a lot of unique features and design elements. These features, along with captivating beauty shots and player-focused photography helped shape the look of this campaign.

With a large following of Evoshield supporters on social, a quick and effective route to get the word out ahead of the launch is to post teaser imagery. In order to showcase the vast colorways of gear, gifs were developed to post on social media platforms.

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