EvoShield Pro-SRZ Campaign

One of Evoshield’s main priorities is providing athletes with industry-leading protective gear that provides comfort and unfettered protection. Every Pro-SRZ guard comes with their innovative Gel-To-Shell technology that disperses energy across the surface, minimizing felt impact. The guard starts flexible inside the packaging then turns into an ultra-hard shield in minutes. With Evoshield ushering in a new brand look, an update to the Pro-SRZ campaign was needed to refresh the look and bring in a new look to the brand.

Building off of the previous Pro-SRZ campaign, a couple of things felt necessary to drive the creative. Since a lot of the pros in baseball and fastpitch use pro-srz guards, professional player photography was important to drive brand awareness and tie in the professional co-sign for the pro-srz guards. Along with player imagery, a product-only version was needed to have a more gear-specific look that could live on specific pages on the Evoshield site. This new campaign had to live on the Evo site, in emails, and social, so this campaign had to translate effortlessly throughout all channels.

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