The World Famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym

Situated in NYC’s Dumbo neighborhood right next to the Manhattan Bridge lies a nondescript boxing gym. Gleason’s Boxing Gym has been a long-standing fixture in the boxing community since 1937. The gym has developed beginners and sharpened the skills of professionals. Walking into Gleason’s is like walking into a Boxing history museum. The walls are decorated with title belts, photos, and equipment that go way back.

As a boxing fan, I wanted to visit the gym and get to see and feel the space that so many have before me. I wanted to document the gym and individuals that were training there. After talking to a few members and trainers I was able to get a closer look at a typical night at Gleason’s.

Photography and video animation done by myself.

I was sitting on a slew of photographs and videos from my night at the gym. I decided to put together a quick video that combines my photography, video, and some graphic elements inspired by the gym and sport. The result was a video that incorporates the views and sounds of my night at the gym.

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Chicago, IL

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