Chicago Stepping

Born in Chicago, stepping is a form of dance that originated from mainstream swing dance. Stepping evolved into its own unique style and developed into its own subculture that thrives in almost every major city. In Chicago, there are a number of Stepping groups that throw parties and stepping functions. They also have their unique style and moves that maintain the integrity of Chicago Stepping.

Chosen Few Picnic

Every year around Independence Day weekend, one of the largest house music festivals takes place in Jackson Park, Chicago. The Chosen Few Picnic, what started off as a small family barbecue turned into a huge music festival celebrating house music.

A Tale of Two Parades, Southside Weekly

A tradition that goes back decades in Little Village and South Chicago. Some of these photos were published for the “A Tale of Two Parades” featured in the Southside Weekly.

“A Tale of Two Parades”

World’s Largest Stepping Competition

Every year at the Tinley Park Convention Center is the World’s Largest Stepping Competition. Hosted by The Majestic Gents, this competition is focused on “stepping” a style of dance that started in Chicago and practiced throughout the US.

Every year steppers from all over the US come to Chicagoto enjoy this competition or compete. There are qualifying events that take place in the months ahead of the big night, as well as an official pre-party where steppers meet ahead of the big night. Winners take home trophies, money, and bragging rights.

The South

In 2018, for my birthday I decided to take a solo road trip down to Atlanta with the sole intention of taking photos and visiting areas I’ve never been before. These photos were taken in Indiana, Louisville, The Smoky Mountains, Cherokee, TN, and Atlanta.

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Chicago, IL

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