Ricke Equipment Branding

Ricke Equipment is a subsidiary construction company located in Tampa, Florida. They specialize in selling and renting construction equipment to the government. Federal Contracts Corp., their parent company, specializes in heavy-duty equipment rentals nationwide.

Logo Mark

I identified two driving principles behind Ricke Equipment’s branding:  (1) create a logo/identity that is grounded and leaves a lasting impression; and (2) positions itself as a clear mark for a company that promotes quality.

After going through a few iterations of more traditionally illustrated options, I drew inspiration from some textures and imagery and decided that a simple icon/monogram style logo would be the best option. I resonated with an image of tire treads impressions left on the ground and saw the logo come to life. I used the impressions as a guide while incorporating the R and E initials.

The monogram is accompanied by a type treatment that is meant to be vertical in most applications, but also developed a horizontal for those aspect ratios.

Logo Application

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